Staufen. and JMAC join forces

STAUFEN. and JMAC JOIN FORCESthe union of two realities well grounded in the most industrialized countries long...


Tokyo, February 2019 – JMAC belongs to the JMA Group, whose business activities include the arrangement of international trade fairs in primary business sectors in the global scenario of products and market relationships. FOODEX Japan is a special meeting point to key players on the food &beverage ground: 3,500 exhibitors and 85thousand visitors expected at this new 44th edition.

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“Circular Economy” landing in Europe

The concept of circula economy has been developed and put in place more than 15 years ago in Japan. Now it is booming in Europe and we are still far from a common and systematic run in Europe. The good news is that we have a good case history to refer to: not just good will of individuals, but nations-wide awareness and relevant experience of all types organizations.

Monozukuri & Genba Empowerment Business Case Parade

Yokohama, February 2019 – A special event to celebrate the innovation and transformation capability. Tha’s the spirit of industrial life, energy and work, of the legitimate human ambition for continuous improvement and growth to step up to social wellbeing and dignity. Not without digital technology and the awareness of an intelligence served by technology.


December 2019 – Innovating is an exercise ever since difficult and challenging. We offer some food for thought on the conditions that favor the generation and management of innovation.

Method and enthusiasm: projects that work

Brasil, October 2018 – A project of important contribution to the path of sustainability and growth of the company, thanks to the enthusiasm and spirit of strong commitment of all the people involved. Our congrats ….

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