JMAC‘s headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. We have an extensive international management consulting network that has been present for decades in Europe and Asia. We operate directly or through our partners in all European countries. The network of our partners is a precious element to enhance and specialize our interventions.

At the base of the success of our interventions with over 2,000 customers served by network professionals in over thirty years of activity, there is the experience gained and documented in thousands of formalized case histories and dozens of methods and techniques, which are fully effective in the world managerial culture.


JMAC is one of the protagonists of Japan’s industrial success.
The union of the European culture with the Japanese culture, the fact oriented analysis in the cross cultural context based on the structured methods, makes JMAC a “unique” subject to be capable of distinguishing itself for the innovative content and the concreteness of the solutions.

Nobuyuki Tamaru