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Monozukuri (も の づ く り = to realize goods and people) is at the heart of the thought and action of successful companies. Organizing and reorganizing factory layouts or investing in powerful and cutting-edge machinery is not enough, if not with a human thought of direction and control promoting the enhancement of people’s contribution to the joint, progressive and continuous improvement of process, product and results. It is precisely from the integration of these aspects that the manufacturing of goods develops, as the concurrent realization of goods and people.


With the managers of factory operations, JMAC has been promoting ever since the definition of improvement paths (kaizen) providing for guidance and operational support up to the achievement of QCD (quality, Cost, Time) objectives at department, division and company level.  To foster sustainable results over time, changing the people’s mindset and building a culture of improvement is necessary, though far from natural spontaneous. One does it “with method”.

To promote sustainable results over time, changing people’s way of thinking by building a culture of improvement is essential, but far from natural or voluntary.  We must work by “method”. Techniques help to measure, improve and verify the results achieved (PDCA), establishing structural management and control bases for the achievement of strategic, tactical and operational management objectives. Many methods and tools for the efficiency and effectiveness of  (material and immaterial) process activities known today in the international business management literature have been mint by JMAC or by its fundamental contribution, starting from the Lean Management techniques.

* In Japanese, the word 改善 (か い ぜ ん) consists of two ideograms: 改 (か い) means “again, renewed”, while 善 (ぜ ん means “good, well”). It is translated as “improvement” / “upgrade” associated with the adjective “continuous”  because in the concept and in the same term kaizen the “renewal” perspective should be applied every day , upon and continuing any previous improvements.


Olympus Corporation

Olympus Corporation

Olympus Corporation was founded on October12, 1919 as Takachiho Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with the microscope business as the main pillar. The company name of “Olympus” comes from Mt. Olympus. It has been used as the trademark since the days of Takachiho Manufacturing...

Monozukuri & Genba Empowerment Business Case Parade

Monozukuri & Genba Empowerment Business Case Parade

Yokohama, February 2019 – A special event to celebrate the innovation and transformation capability. Tha’s the spirit of industrial life, energy and work, of the legitimate human ambition for continuous improvement and growth to step up to social wellbeing and dignity. Not without digital technology and the awareness of an intelligence served by technology.