Our solution lab and the IoT7Tools®

The simplest and most effective ways to work out value from digital technology with IoT tools

With JMAC’s IoT7Tools® approach and tools it is not necessary to have deep technoogical understanding or expertise.

Application shows how IoT solutions can create value in several aspects of your business and you will be willing to try at the earliest. You will be able to understand how to design sensor setting data collection for your improvement.

The first “playground” where to test the creation of Internet-of-Things solution.

A unique reality, designed to provide operators, leaders and managers with an environment to experience as active players the design and application   of IoT solutions for creating value in their business.

This approach allows overcome the complexity of technology even with no specific technological knowledge

Using simple technologies already on the market, the IoT7Tools® approach avoids the complexity of advanced technologiy and focuses on a key, basic issue: how the IoT and data create value for business.

What are the IoT7Tools® ?

It is a set of application tools designed and developed by JMAC to optimize industrial processes at factory, in consideration of servaral perspectives. The data gathering takes in to account  one or more in 7 different dimensions, according to the need of information, i.e.:

  1. Position
  2. Operations
  3. Situation
  4. Count
  5. Hazard
  6. Availability
  7. Quality

Technology is a tool at the service of workers

In the IoT7Tools® approach, man is core of the transformation process of the company. Whatever the role and background, it is essential for managers and workers to get data. This allows fact finding and understanding ot the correct path to improvement.

The Japanese experience

Instead of pursuing one’s own to-be as a  4.0 company in ideal and abstract perspective, or start by diving in a complex planning phase, the Japanese approach consists in  implementing small IoT solutions that are practical and useful since start, obtaining immediate feedback at the working place (genba). By so doing, the IoT becomes both a method and a “tool” swiftly adopted at each department. This leads by experience to a 4.0 implementation closer and closer to the needs of both the operators and managers.

Our Experiential Learning solutions

A training formula based on practice, teamwork and learing from mistake

Digital Improvement Experience Workshop

An intensive workshop around the IoT value and application. Learn the key concepts for setting a plan and learn by practice how to design, test and apply innovative technological solutions for operational purposes as well as for your process improvement achievements.

Digital Kaizen Showcase

You can go and see several applications we have been creating for real companies and get a view or hints for what might be usefully applied at your workplace.

Customized seminars and events

To deepen and compare critical aspects of application, perspectives and benefits related to the relationship with new technologies, JMAC provides experiences and expertise to enrich and diversify the debate, contributing to the development of industrial thinking and social value.

Genba innovation Experience 4.0

A support in the design of customized roadmaps, for a technological renewal of the operational departments in line with the strategic objectives of the organization

Lean Digital BOOSTER

A great way to go deep into practice and unveil how technology can contribute to operational efficiency to work smoothly and be more effective in the creation of value for customers as well as for one's own business.

Leading to Digital Transformation

Need to create curiosity and motivation around the use of new technologies a/o facilitate the digitization process? Have your resources get closer and confident to technology, avoiding blackouts.

Ask for a demo

Go and see the applications developed for real companies. You can have and immediate understanding of how many possibilities you can think of for your company, too!


Monozukuri & Genba Empowerment Business Case Parade

Monozukuri & Genba Empowerment Business Case Parade

Yokohama, February 2019 – A special event to celebrate the innovation and transformation capability. Tha’s the spirit of industrial life, energy and work, of the legitimate human ambition for continuous improvement and growth to step up to social wellbeing and dignity. Not without digital technology and the awareness of an intelligence served by technology.