Building skills and people

There is no learning without experience

Thi is why we have decided to create the Dōjō – a physical place and  a space for thought as well, where to practice improvement solutions with JMAC experts.

Our Dōjō (Dō=Way, path, jō=place) is an opportunity for research and experimentation of the correct management and operational methods to obtain superior results along a path of continuous improvement – of the resources and the context they work in.

Solutions can be integrated into physical or digital applications, but the important thing is not to rely for improvement on the tools alone. Each human resource is vital to a process of improvement and innovation. We believe that training generates value for the growth of individuals and the sustainability of business results whenever it actually affects the skills and organizational behavior at companies. 

The growth opportunities offered by JMAC in such a vision of work that gives light to people, are designed for several professional levels of both manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations.