A run in unison

Management and strategic business consulting

Our consulting activity applies to all kinds of organizations and intends to provide them with support in setting the direction and providing them with the managerial solutions and tools that favor change and the sustainability of the results of excellence, profit and presence on the market.

To be effective, every path of change must be oriented towards creating value for the end customer. Therefore in our customers’ projects we act simultaneously on three levers:

  • Process: the very “focus” or object of interventions. Process generates the business performance;
  • People: essential to make changes sustainabile, lasting and “virtuous” ones;
  • Organization: the enabling factor of change.

We provide the knowledge, experience, methodologies and skills of the resources from each entity in our group – a vector and accelerator of international business culture. Our effort is meant to enhance the value and benefits of Japanese-based management thinking, the cradle of modern Lean management and of much of the best applied management techniques.

Therefore, each consulting service we offer starts from a premise of benefit and centrality of people, that consultancy must enhance by educating to new skills and better performances for the business purpose of companies.