Bridge to Japan

Vision, opportunities and synergies between Europe and Japan

If we look at Japan from Europe, we recognize a global economic power, whose industrial tradition is consolidated and esteemed for efficiency, effectiveness, quality and seriousness. In addition to that, Japan continues to reveal a remarkable vocation to innovation, with a look at human and social continuous improvement, and fact realization in the medium-long term. A never negligible trend setter, which often shows the way to what become inescapable steps forward of economic and business evolution to other advanced countries.

Our rich network of relationships and partners with specific expertise allows us to serve clients in different sectors, sizes, settings and nature, with a measured approach and calibrated skills with respect to different opportunities and needs. The purposeful spirit that characterizes us is also open to receive ideas from the market and the organizations interested in:

  • Advanced technologies
  • Technological and productive partners
  • Sales opportunities
  • Transfer or acquire business activities
  • Possibility of visits and customiized study trips

Excellence in research, innovation, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing is the core of mutual¬† appeal for entities and professionals worldwide, even though at geographic and cultural opposites of the world. Intercultural business management is one further service area of JMAC’s.¬†

The strength of JMAC network is in its making the “elsewhere” close at hand.