R&D management

Value generation for customers and business

The Product Development Process Improvement

Technological and product innovation is one of the main levers available to companies to keep and develop their competitiveness on the market. Tend towards a higher quality of design and reduce at the same time any productivity losses, enables companies to obtain high volumes of development using limited resources in the most effective way.  This translates into the capability to:

  • Create rapidly and more frequently new products appreciated by the market;
  • Manage the always latent contradiction between the push to diversify / customize the product and the need to standardize costs and margins containment).

To determine these capabilities, it is necessary to act on specific improvement of the R&D, focusing on the definition of R&D standards, without disregarding the leadtime reduction and the management of product development teams and the reduction of related costs as well.



Tokyo, February 2019 – JMAC belongs to the JMA Group, whose business activities include the arrangement of international trade fairs in primary business sectors in the global scenario of products and market relationships. FOODEX Japan is a special meeting point to key players on the food &beverage ground: 3,500 exhibitors and 85thousand visitors expected at this new 44th edition.

“Circular Economy” landing in Europe

The concept of circula economy has been developed and put in place more than 15 years ago in Japan. Now it is booming in Europe and we are still far from a common and systematic run in Europe. The good news is that we have a good case history to refer to: not just good will of individuals, but nations-wide awareness and relevant experience of all types organizations.

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