Lean Sales

What is the value for your customer?

Lean Sales

All the interventions carried out in the Lean Sales and Lean Service field arise from listening to the VOC (Voice of the Customer), and from a clear definition of the business objectives (VOB)

An effective management of these two dimensions allows to:

  • stabilize the relationship in between customer and company (trust oriented)
  • align the commercial and service processes with the value sought by the client and his real needs
  • promote the process excellence through the measurement of qualitative and quantitative performances, along with the activation of a  continuous improvement path
Recognizing in sales the need to organize and manage activities by process is the correct starting point for achieving a continuous improvement of the business organization and performance.
Sales and marketing processes can successfully apply the principles of Lean Thinking; starting point are the knowledge of the value sought by the customer (Customer Journey) and of its functional and emotional experience (Customer Experience) in the process of interaction, purchase and use of the product or service. This is the only way to configure a process of sales consistent with the different needs at each stage of the purchasing process.
The value creation model developed by JMAC allows to effectively monitor and manage all the strategic dimensions useful for improving the marketing and sales effectiveness by the actions taken by the company.