IoT7Tools ®

The “IoT 7  tools” are a set of compact application tools to pursue ergonomic goals and efficiency by enhancing people’s skills, plant capacity and the functions performed by materials.

They are logical tools applicable within any operatioanl context (genba), and which grant for objectivity, which is due to the adoption of data directly transferred from “things” (machines, equipment) in a digital mode. Though dealing with technology, our focus is the operations performed by people, with the help of some digital & “smart” technologies applied in order to carry out their operations better and with less effort the before. Particularly useful for innovating without too much investment on the old construction systems, the  IoT 7tools aim to encourage above all the human ingenuity and vocation to continuous improvement at one’s working station/ environment.

01 IoL: Location

Detection of position and movements of people, things, machines; elimination of Muri, Muda, Mura.

02 IoO: Operation

Measuring people’s movements and optimal design of jobs .

03 IoS: Situation

Capture of the exact moment of events. Identification of effective actions.

04 IoC: Count

Quantity counting. Easier and more convenient.

05 IoH: Hazard

Reliable recording of danger and connection to safety measures.

06 IoA: Availability

Understanding of the status of each structure and optimization of operations.

07 IoQ: Quality

Ensure that quality-related operational activities are more efficient.