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Nothing is more effective than experience.

While JMAC’s  providing consultancy support to a variety of businesses, it has been creating and delivering training courses aimed to clarify and teach the ideas, techniques and practices that can become a real asset, making companies reliable and profitable if applied systematically and with dedication. 


Within this program, the participants will learn in practice about the principles and methods of the Lean Manufacturing :

  • value for the customer
  • reduction of non-value added operations (muda)
  • standard work  (JES, SOS)

This program takes place within a simulated but very realistic production environment, and provides for working  at an assembly line, performing data analysis and process improvement..


A real booster to implement your Lean Transformation programs by a line-up of the resources involved since the very beginning of the “journey”, for faster and more meaningful results. In particular, resources can:

  • learn by practical applications the principles that underlie an excellent production process, starting from the central role of standardization
  • understand what are the critical elements that hinder a Lean transformation and how to deal with them effectively
  • obtain immediate evidence of cause and effect relationships between any intervention decided and the actual benefits achieved in terms of Q, C, D, S
  • get direct experience, but in a protected environment, without fear of compromising the production or results of your current activity.
  • be allowed to make mistakes and learn from each mistake
  • learn with / from the team members, eliminating the worry about prejudice.
Intended for

All people involved in Lean Transformation programs, with special regard to Operations Managers, Plant Managers, KPOs, Operations related roles of responsibility (at Design, Process Engineering, Quality assurance departments, etc.).

Registration fee

The individual participation fee is € 1,300. Also, the rate includes per day:

  • teaching materials,
  • coffee break(s),
  • lunch.

Special rates can be agreed in case of registration of two or more participants by the same company to the same training session.


to be scheduled


2 full days


JMAC Dojo House or your premises


9 to 15 people



9:00 a-.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Give your project a boost! This experience will make the difference in how your resources will work together.
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