Innovation and change management to support brands, networks and customers

Macro-trends (digitalisation, Customer Experience, legal directives and international agreements …) drive the entire value chain through change, while ensuring the presence of producers on the market, having their networks achieve a fulfilling profitability, in retaining customers’ loyalty – even when behavior is extremely hard to read in complex contexts, and in determining crucial choices in fast-paced times and rapidly changing scenarios.

For decades JMAC have been collaborating with the largest automotive groups and their distribution networks to design and implement programs aimed at sustainability and growth in the volumes and revenues of their national sales companies and dealerships. Our services range 360 degrees on the supply chain, starting from production and ensuring the necessary consistency between the organizational levels – strategic and operational, without forgetting the skill development and the growth of human resources.

The experience and deep knowledge of the industry make JMAC an expert and reliable partner for all automotive brands – from international companies to niche manufacturers, thanks to the methodologies developed and applied by JMAC at many business organizations worldwide. 

Being Japanese allows us to operate in between Europe and Asia, expanding the horizon of knowledge as well as practices, through a continuous exchange with the colleagues working in other Countries, to enrich the value of the solutions realized with our customers in the personalization of each intervention.

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